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A Bit About Me

As a maker, she incorporates the delight of the every day into each nook and cranny of her art.


To summon a Jess Fauscette piece, you’ll need: 
• Two hairs from a black cat 
• Spilled indigo ink 
• An affinity for flora and fauna
• Vegan butter 
• A gentle hand inclined to wander 
• One cup of bitter coffee, black 
• The essence of your grandmother crocheting on Sunday morning 

Stir together on a delicate porcelain dish, then pour at the root of your nearest house plant. By the next half-moon, a work will have begun to sprout. Water it with well-wishes twice a day to ensure proper growth.

Jess’ pattern driven work reflects her background in textile design. She lives and works from her studio in Woodbury, CT in a cottage that used to be part of a dairy farm.

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