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A Bit About Me

I am a story lover, an empath, and a nature enthusiast. I distinctly remember watching BBC’s Planet Earth with my brother when I was younger, and being riveted by the incredible beauty, complexity, and variety that is found in nature. That awe and intrigue has stuck with me since, leading to my love of travel and need for adventure, as well as inspiring the art I create. It’s displayed in the vibrancy, detail, and liveliness of many of my pieces. In addition to nature, I am also fond of meaningful words: a single word that communicates a depth of emotion, invokes vivid memories, or stands for a concept that can be heartfelt, but hard to explain. The collection I created for this show combines these two interests of mine, each piece symbolizing a specific word with natural imagery. 

My motive behind the work I make is to inspire wonder at the beauty of the people and the world around us, as well as a reflectiveness and appreciation for the miracle of this life we’ve all been given.

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